Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Souvenir Pennies

I've been a collector of things all my life. I had a million collections as a child and still have many of my collections today: postcards, Archie comic books, pencils, buttons, thimbles, cat cards, Nancy Drew books, etc., etc. I encouraged my children to collect things as well, though I've come to realize now that I've collected their collections now, too.

For instance, I started them each on collecting souvenir pennies from our various vacation spots. Whenever I see a penny machine, I start digging in my purse for change and send them over to pick a pattern, line up the image, and start cranking. Once the flattened penny clinks into the tray at the bottom, I hold out my hand, generously offering to hold their souvenirs in my purse for safekeeping. They always hand them over and then never mention the pennies again. I don't think either child even knows where "their" collections are stashed.

But I know.

I just added two more pennies from Tybee Island and Savannah to the ones from New Orleans, Kennedy Space Center, The Alamo, Chicago, the Cincinnati Zoo, Nashville, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and all the others.

It's such a fun collection. Fun for the whole family in a way. I like it almost as much as the postcard collection my daughter claims to have...


  1. Oh man, Andy would love being part of your family. I don't like having a bunch of STUFF around, so I discourage collecting. The compromise is that we buy a piece of art and/or a Christmas tree ornament from each of our vacations. But no keychains or pennies or pens or snowglobes. :P

  2. Ha ha ha. I didn't even mention the keychains, Christmas ornaments and pieces of art. But we've got 'em!

  3. This is a fun collection. Never would have thought of that!

  4. I went onto my blog and what did I see? I saw your photo of your collection of souvenir pennies from everywhere! It reminded me of my penny I got squashed while I visited Liverpool, UK. I was at The Beatles House and I found a machine there that would squash my penny for 20p. So, I pulled three of them out and for 60p, I had three of these pennies done. I gave one to Mum, one to Grandma Killips and I kept one for myself. I only got three done because I didn't have anymore 20p coins with me; otherwise I would have had more done for the rest of the family.

    Now, Mum has her still, and I found mine a few years back in a purse of mine hiding from the sun, but we don't know where Grandma's is... pity, Aunty Helen would have loved to have; and I would have loved her to have it too seeing I didn't get one for her in Liverpool.

    However, I have a large collection of vinyls, books (over 1,000 in my home office alone) and over 100 dvds. I also collect coffee mugs; but they have to have a certain 'thing' about them to be added to my collection, they can't just be any type, they have to have personality, baby! I also have a large collection of journals that I write in... at the moment, I'm up No. 35 (I think) and I started writing in them in 1997 at my shrink's advice. :)

  5. Great photo of your vast collection! I also loved Archie comic books when I was a kid! Julie

  6. Thanks for all your comments. Mozette - I see a trip to Liverpool in my future... :)

  7. I love the picture of your penny collection!! I've purchased a few over the years and remember the 1st one I purchased was when I was 9 or 10 years old when I was on vacation with my family to San Francisco. The penny was imprinted with a cable car and the Golden Gate Bridge. I think I still have this penny somewhere?!?! I have other souvenir pennies from places I've visited over the years. I really need to find them all and store in one place.

    The only thing I've consistently collected over the years is postcards!

  8. I collect potcards, too, Captivated Reader. It's my favorite collection. I have 3 shoeboxes full so far and keep adding to the collection. My son and his friends help. So do my co-worker. It's hard to relay how much fun it is to reach into the box and grab a card and random and see who and where it's from. If I could only choose one collection, this would be it.