Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

We're a very green household and environmentalism is important to us. We routinely do whatever we can to conserve energy and reduce, reuse and recycle in our household. So this Earth Day, I went away from my house to make a difference, and decided to take the dog on a walk and pick up recyclables along the way. The Girl Scouts have just started collecting plastic bottle caps and chip bags to recycle. So in addition to all the regular bottles and cans I usually pick up when my dog and I go on "litter" walks, I added these two items to my list.

We went to a railroad crossing where cars are routinely stopped. I don't know what possesses people to throw their bottles and cans out the window, but they do. What I'd planned would be a half hour walk with my dog and a plastic bag turned into less than 10 minutes. Even though I crushed the cans and bottles first, it took me very few minutes and very few steps before our bag was full. Saddened, I put the bag in my car and took the dog on a real walk.

I may go out later again with another bag. I could probably walk all day and never feel like I'd made a dent in the debris by the road, but at least I did something. I took the first step; the Girl Scouts will take it from there. Together, we're doing our small part. And that's what Earth Day is all about, isn't it? All of us doing something.

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