Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garlic Day

Apparently April 19th is Garlic Day. That brings one thing immediately to mind for me: The Stinking Rose in San Francisco's North Beach area. It's a gimmicky tourist restaurant that boasts having the longest braid of garlic in the world. It twists along the top of the walls like Christmas garland. You know right then that every item on the menu will have garlic in it, unless you choose one of the four or five vampire options.

We started with a small skillet of roasted garlic and oil that we dipped our bread into. Once we'd finished that, I'm not sure how much we even tasted all the garlic in the linguine with clams, sizzling shrimp skillet, or baked fish dishes we had as entrees. It was good, but not remarkable. We were definitely there more for atmosphere than food.

After that we headed back out on the bus to see more of San Francisco. And would you believe, we had no trouble finding seats to ourselves that night?


  1. Hah, never heard of it, but it sounds like a hoot. (And a stink...)

    Btw, the book I'm reading right now is set in San Fran, which is nice b/c I was recently there so I can visualize everything well. You might like the novel too. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Gorgeous and compelling, if a bit heartbreaking.

  2. 'The Language of Flowers' sounds right up my alley! I'll add that to my TBR list. Thanks, Kristan!

  3. I love San Fran... I have named this city 'My Town' and yet have never been to the USA in my life. Mum and Dad traveled there once and I spent hours on the phone taking them on a tour around one of the buildings where I talked them around the place - true story - and so Mum asked me how I knew of the place and I said that I loved the city. I knew about the earthquake activity and know when the next lot of quakes are going to hit there (which a lot of my friends find very creepy of me, but then again, they know when not to travel there!).

    When I do find my way to the States, I'll be taking plenty of photos of this beautiful city and riding those trams all over the city as here in my city we got rid of them in the 1960's... never to return. :(

  4. Mozette, you definitely need to go. It's an absolutely beautiful city with endless sights. I'd love to live there despite my fear of earthquakes.